Equine Riding and Massage Therapies.
Chrissie Rhodes-Dennis. BHSAI (Reg`d) EBW.
Member of International Association Of Equine Body Workers.

When you are uncomfortable in your muscles, think of how it makes you feel
in yourself and how making the most regular movement is hampered
by these conditions.
When I am full of aches and pains, I know this has an impact on how
I ride, walk, drive, rest, etc.
I just do not do things as well as I could do. Now think of your horse / pony, has
their performance level decreased, or has the attitude towards work recently altered ?

If so, a closer and detailed examination of the situation should be considered.

Conventional veterinary examinations can sometimes be difficult
for the vet to diagnose when they are sub-clinical, leaving the owner
very frustrated with the situation.
Equine sports massage focuses on the way muscles function, which
if not operating as they shouldwill limit the range of motion as well
as cause severe discomfort, which in turn could complicate matters even further.

Dysfunction of muscle fibres are shortened due to a metabolic illness or injury.
Injuries and some surgical procedures can lay down scar tissue,
which creates tension on other surrounding tissues.
Both these problem areas need to be addressed and will require
specialised equine attention.
When you exercise a horse well and properly, you will prolong
their ridden life and reduce the possibility of injury.
Working a horse correctly you will ensure the horses strengths in all the right
places to increase and maintain suppleness throughout the entire horses body.

My interests in the effect that a misunderstood or unrealised situation can
have on a horse/pony, has lead me to become an Equine Sports Therapist,
which in turn has furthered my understanding of the functionality
and anatomy a horse/pony uses in order to work at its best optimized level.

I offer tuition in, schooling, either groups or private lessons,
in Equine Sports Massage, Lunging, etc.
Holiday cover - Prearrange for your horse to be schooled or exercised
over the period of time when you are either short of time or away.

Days can be arranged and an exercise plan of schooling
and or hacking combination can be set up.
In addition to the above I also offer Trimming, Plaiting
and at DIY yards I can provide a Livery Service with advanced notice.

Please contact me without any obligation,
in order to discuss your particular equestrian
requirements and see how I may be able to assist.

Chrissie Rhodes-Dennis from Supple Horse. co. uk,
is a fully trained and certified professional,
waiting to assist you with your Equine needs.

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